How well do you know the words to All Time Low’s “So Wrong It's Right"?

So Wrong, It's Right came out 10 years ago, feel old yet? To celebrate, let's refresh our memory with this lyrics quiz!

Created by aimatrabolmeicher
On Sep 25, 2017

'Cause I got your picture
I'm coming with you
Dear Maria, count me in
There's a story at the bottom of this bottle

Meet me on _______
I'll take you out, though I'm hardly worth your time
In the cold you look so fierce, but I'm warming up
Because the tension's like a fire

Let it roll. Our time is fleeting so we take control, from California _____

There's a ghost in this room, I think I'll name it ____

I'm just a face for every picture, a smile for your _____ and a story to be told and told

Tonight we'll lie awake, remember how ____ made us shake on those long drives

They can't make make make me forget the weather if I never ever ever _________

You got me poppin' ____ I'm at it again ____ but not in the right way

Before you ask which way to go remember ____

I don't mean to be a bother but have you seen ____ ?

sei proprio bravo

sei proprio bravo

eh ma che bravoooo

sei troppo giovane

sei troppo giovane

studia di più

studia di più