What member of the Order of the Stone would you be? KS

Whaat gamme
Created By Whaat gamme
On Aug 17, 2016
First of all, would you want your result to be a male character of a female character? I don't mindFemaleMaleOk, how would you describe yourself?Lone wolf, i'm happy to work with people but i'd rather be alone.Brave, i'm rather quick on my feet and popular.Unique, I live in my own unique way.Smart, I love creating things and learning.Daredevil, living life on the edge is great!What is the best weapon to use in the Ender Dragon battle?PotionsSwordBow & ArrowRedstone TNTWhich way would you go?rightleftWhats your favourite colour?RedBlueBlackOrangeGreenPick one.And, finally... Is the story of the order of the stone real?Um... Yeah, sure.No, it isn't...