Is Your Local A Proper Pub Or A Hipster Hangout?

Find out if your local has been the victim of gentrification.

Created by agirlintheshed
On Aug 31, 2016

What is your local called?

How many ales does it have on tap?

How many lagers on tap?

What's the craft/indie brewer to big brand ratio?

What bar snacks do they do?

Do they serve food?

If they do serve food, how do they serve it?

Does it have a garden?

Does it have a dartboard?

Does it have a pool table?

Does it show live sports on a big screen?

Does it have a fireplace?

What time is last orders?

Proper Pub

Proper Pub

A proper pub, with proper food served on proper plates and proper pints of beer poured from a proper pump is something that should be cherished. Use it or lose it.

Hipster Hangout

Hipster Hangout

Look, sometimes you fancy a craft beer in a venue which has been redecorated since the 1970s, and you don't mind paying through the nose for some artisan snacks to go with it. That's fine. Can we stop pretending it's a pub though please?

Are you sure it's not a cafe?

Are you sure it's not a cafe?

Your answers suggest that you might have gotten confused between a pub and a cafe.