How Much Do You Know About Ancient Africa?

Test your knowledge and see if you can guess these sites of ancient Africa.

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On Oct 27, 2015
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What is the name of this mosque found in Mali?

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This ruined city in Zimbabwe was built in the 11th century.

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This ancient city in Morocco was abandoned over 1,000 years ago.

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This Egyptian pyramid is located 40 kilometers south of Cairo.

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This site in Kenya was a thriving city in the 13th century.

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These pyramids in Sudan were part of the Kingdom of Kush

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Byrsa Hill in Tunisia is part of what ancient city that famously battled Rome?

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Where is this famous rock-hewn church in Ethiopia?

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This ancient Roman site is the largest amphitheater in north Africa. Where is it?

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This ancient city has been featured in films such as Lawrence of Arabia and Gladiator. Where is it?

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