Stainless Steel Straws and Saving the Planet!

Buying planet-friendly is possible, people! Here's your green light to continue reading for some top tips on the plastic straw problem and much more!

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On May 19, 2018
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So it's Friday, you're looking fine and you're dancing it up in the club. You go for a tall glass of something, and just before the person serving you pops a straw in your glass, you tell him to hold the heck up. The guy at the bar is like, 'What's the deal', and you're like, 'Dude, plastic straws are so clogging up our precious oceans and killing marine widlife. Watch and learn'. And you pull out your stainless steel straw and it catches the light and everyone stops dancing to admire this planet-friendly, conscientious G... Goals, right?


Refill and reuse your washing up liquid bottles

Refilling washing up liquid, hand soap and fabric softener bottles is super easy and supports the often-independent businesses who offer refills of household eco brands such as Ecover and Bio D. This cuts down plastic waste, and you'll be getting a planet-happy product too! (Plus a lot of the brands which offer refills are vegan!) Win-win, we reckon


Square up to sanitary waste

According to Thinx, a woman uses an average of 17,000 pads and tampons during her lifetime. Periods being the taboo subject that they are, we don't hear enough about the alternatives to single-use sanitary protection. This ends now, ladies! There are loads of super eco-friendly, comfy alternatives. Take Thinx: they make period-proof underwear which collects your flow or backs up a pad or tampon. Yep, they're real, and yep, they are flippin' incredible. Other options include menstrual cups and reusable pads— the possibilities are endless!


Set up a weekly veg box order

Get those veggies down you! These to-order fruit 'n' veg boxes are so amazing: just set up an account and get reasonably priced, organic, seasonal goodness delivered straight to your door. The Independent made a list of great veg box companies in the UK, and there are loads of great options, catering to every budget. Go check it out, y'all


Shop at Madia & Matilda, obvs

No kidding: we're here because we believe in lovin' on the environment, as well as you guys. We're all about making do and mending our clothes so they last longer, and making lovely new clothes from old ones, end-of-line fabrics or sustainable fibres.

It's a wrap...

Well, that's it from us! If you've tried any of the products/ideas above, or have any other cool eco-tips, get in touch with us via:

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