APA In-text citation quiz

A quick 15-item APA in-text citation quiz. For further reference, please go to: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/1/

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On Mar 7, 2018
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Which paranthetical citation is correct?

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When citing one or two authors in-text, never use et al; instead, always provide the author(s)' names.

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When providing two or more authors' names in a parenthetical citation, use "and" to join the names, not the ampersand symbol. For example, (Lastname, Lastname, and Lastname, year, p. X).

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Et al. should be used after the first author's last name every time a source with three to five authors is introduced in the text. For example: "Lastname et al. (year) argued that...".

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When mentioning a source with six or more authors in a sentence, in either a parenthetical citation or in the sentence text, only the first author's name and et al. should be provided: "Lastname et al. (year) argued that...".

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If the cited resource doesn't provide a publication or copyright date, which of the following options is correct?

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If the cited resource doesn't have an identified author. what information should be provided in the in-text citation?

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f the only way to cite a source is through a secondary source citation, which of the following citations is the correct formatting? In the examples below, Lastname1 refers to the author of the text you read, whereas Lastname2 refers to the secondary author quoted by Lastname1.

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If the author's last name and the year of publication are provided in the signal phrase before a quotation, what information is required in the parenthetical citation? For example: "Lastname (year) noted that, "quotation text" [what should be here?]".

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Is the in-text citation correct in this sentence?
Johnson & Johnson (2005) argued that baby lotions ...

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Is the following in-text citation correct?
Johnson and Johnson argued that "while baby lotions are incredibly useful for the skin..." (p. 9)

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If two or more different authors wrote individual papers on the same subject, what do you write in the parenthesis?

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Johnson argued that ... (as cited in Smith, 2003, p. 102). Is the above in-text citation correct?

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If we refer to two or more sources by one author, we make a distinction between them by using:

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How many problems can you find in this in-text citation?
"Baby lotions are ..." (Johnson and Johnson, 2014, pp. 118)

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What kind of reference entry is this? denotes italics

Lay, M. (2009). The egg issue revisited. Bird Research, 8(1), 47–58.

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What kind of reference entry is this? denotes italics

Mayhem, A. D. (2009). The conundrum. In A. M. Farmer (Ed.), The science of unsolvable problems (pp. 25–47). New York, NY: Guilford Press.

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What kind of reference entry is this? denotes italics

Farmer, A. M. (2009). The chicken-and-egg problem. Cambridge, England: Cambridge University Press.

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What kind of reference entry is this? denotes italics

Farmer, A. M., & Farmer, P. M. (2009). The chicken-and-egg problem: Mystery solved (2nd ed.). Wiley Press: London.

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Which is not a requirement of the APA References list?

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