Quiz: How Much Do You Remember About Sports In 1986?

We celebrate the 30th anniversary of Jack Nicklaus' last win at the Masters with this quiz looking back at 1986 in the world of sports. Just how much do you remember from 30 years ago?

The Palm Beach Post Sports Staff
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On Apr 4, 2016
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Jack Nicklaus won his sixth Masters in 1986, but which 54-year-old won another of sports’ most famous events less than a month later?

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After the stunning death of Boston Celtics’ No. 1 overall draft pick Len Bias, which NFL player became the second prominent athlete in a week to die of cocaine intoxication?

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Which of the following players DID NOT single with two outs in the ninth inning of Game 6 of the 1986 World Series to help give the New York Mets a dramatic 6-5 win over the Boston Red Sox?

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Who was the No. 1 overall pick in the 1986 NFL draft who chose to sign with another team in another sport?

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Who did Mike Tyson knock out in the second round to become the youngest heavyweight boxing champion in history?

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Which lightning-fast Olympian was born in 1986?

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Which iconic coach and iconic franchise joined forces in 1986, setting off one of sports' most dominant runs that lasted until 2013?

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Who won the 1986 Heisman Trophy?

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A pair of Americans won the world figure skating championships, something that has happened only once since. Who were they?

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Which three-time Cy Young Award winner pitched the final game of his terrific career on Sept. 19, 1986, for the Boston Red Sox?

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