Home Sleep Testing Made Easy By WatchPat

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Home Sleep Testing Made Easy By WatchPat

Quite a few people are suffering from SDB [sleep-related disordered breathing] and are usually required to visit sleep clinics to get themselves tested. These people need to travel long distances, undergo an intrusive process in non-familiar environments and also wait for a couple of weeks before they receive the results to obtain the treatments they need. The introduction of home sleep testing with the help of watchPat has made it easier for people with this disorder to undergo the tests within the comfort of their home and also receive results in quick time. People do not have to worry about the watchPat cost because the device will be provided to them by the clinic to be used at home during the testing.

Tests conducted by watchPat 200 have been confirmed as accurate in the diagnosis of central and obstructive sleep apnea among CHF patients. Numerous researchers have confirmed their findings and even published their studies in journals. Rather than considering other options for sleep testing people that are suffering from sleep disorders are recommended to utilize the services provided by clinics with the help of watchPat direct. This is a better method of diagnosing STB as well as OSA among patients with cardiovascular conditions.

Approximately 10 to 25% of middle-aged and older adults suffer from higher incidents of CVD which is a direct result of a condition of OSA or CVD. The enhanced risk has led researchers to focus on the detection of sleep disturbances early in the progression process of cardiac disease. Emphasis on treating OSA to improve the outcomes from the treatment to reduce the risk of future events is also being placed.

Cardiac practices have been recommending patient's to undergo screening for SDB but have often been faced with objections from providers as well as patients mainly because of the costs involved as well as the cumbersome PSG tests [sleep laboratory-based polysomnography tests]. This has led to a number of patients deferring the tests to a later date simply because they couldn't afford the costs or were unwilling to undergo the cumbersome process involved.

Recently the introduction of home sleep apnea testing devices such as watchPat has however made it easier for patients to undergo testing without remaining concerned about the high costs or the cumbersome process. The assessment of SDB is now available both to clinicians and patients to have the testing completed by minimizing the costs and reducing the discomfort associated with polysomnography tests.

Clinics that are based in remote locations and are unable to provide the services needed by patients can even place an order with the manufacturers of this device Itamar medical to be sent to the patient directly. Patients receive the home sleep testing device from the company which has introduced the watchPat direct and even return the device back to the company while the data collected will be transferred to the clinic with the help of a portal. The convenience of overcoming sleep disorders is being made a lot easier by Itamar medical which has probably done away with the need of undergoing sleep apnea tests by visiting laboratories, indulging in high costs, waiting for results and eventually delaying the treatment needed by patients.

Cardiac patients or individuals susceptible to these conditions are recommended not to ignore sleep testing any longer. They can request the clinician they are visiting to provide them the convenience of home sleep testing with watchPat that will ensure fast and easy completion of the testing for treatments to be provided to them at the earliest. Home sleep testing by watchPat is not just easy but is also convenient and cost-effective and therefore people suffering from sleep disorders are recommended to avail the opportunity of getting tested from home in order to receive the care they need for their cardiac condition.

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