What type of CPA are you?

This quiz is presented in association with Receipt Bank to help practitioners identify their working styles and habits. It is designed to highlight areas where you can maximize your natural attributes and smooth the workings of your firm. Your working personality type is described in more detail in a guide that can be downloaded on completion of the quiz.

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On Mar 29, 2017

What does your office most resemble?

What word best describes your existing client base?

Which job best describes your role in practice?

How would you describe a typical day?

How do you mainly communicate with clients?

If you had an extra hour every week, you would?

How would you deal with a client needing their third quarter financials ASAP?

What do you want less of?

What more do you think clients want from you?

The Traditionalist

The Traditionalist

You're comfortable with your practice largely the way it is with and have limited plans to change the way you run it in the near future. Your clients are happy with things as they are and aren't demanding much beyond their annual tax return sorting of their books.

Yet, you're finding that there is an overall decline in the number of clients you service and that winning new ones is becoming harder as your competition begins to change along with your clients' needs..

This guide offers you some simple, low to no-cost steps to work more efficiently, retain your client-base (and possibly gain new ones. http://bit.ly/1OLdwS6

The Pressured

The Pressured

Your practice may be very much in line with where you want it to be, but increasingly your clients are looking for more from you. You are more than happy to oblige your more ambitious clients, but often you struggle to stay ahead of their needs or know how to take that next step to serve them better and remain competitive.

This guide will give you a leg up on being a leader and offer insight on some of the hot areas of service right now that can be entered with minimal pain and training, as well as better ways to bill. http://bit.ly/1Lrxtfy

The Leader

The Leader

You are revved about growing your practice, always looking for the latest software and technology to help you focus more time on the bigger picture. Your clients, on the other hand, are happy to stop by your office once a year during tax season.

If you find that your clients have hampered your ambition, it may be because many of them have not embraced new processes and technology as you would like them to (i.e. still emailing you documents or dropping into your office with forms and receipts to have their books done or taxes prepared). http://bit.ly/1gGt1g5

This guide will give you specific direction on where to begin adding services with continued revenue, as well as advice on how exactly you can become the firm you want to be to your clients for years to come.

The Champion

The Champion

You're a true partner to your clients. They listen to you and you are right in step with them and the specific needs of their business, helping them to grow. You are also proactive in developing your services, and your clients find value in what you have to offer. There are huge opportunities for you if you just knew more about how to identify and exploit them.

This guide will give you a working blueprint of what a firm of the future can, and should, look like, beginning with how to create a virtual workspace, and embrace available tools and methods of an efficient and (modern) profitable practice. http://bit.ly/1KvJ8VJ