7 Things You Need To Know About The New "Black Ice Cream" Trend

People are lining up around the block in every major city just to get a scoop of this trendy, creamy-dreamy ice cream. One lick and your inner goth will be unleashed. Here are some fun facts on this recent frozen treat trend.

Abigail Morris
Created by Abigail Morris
On Jul 19, 2017
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The main ingredient is activated charcoal which is known to have many health benefits

Activated charcoal has been used for centuries as a detoxifier. Those exposed to mold and contaminants would benefit from taking charcoal in capsule form as it absorbs toxins from the stomach lining. It is also touted as a whitening agent for teeth.


It comes in both scoop-able and soft-serve form depending where you go

The east coast tends to prefer the hard scoop whereas the west coast is lovin' up on the soft-serve.


There are many different flavors and toppings to choose from

Just because it's black, doesn't mean it's gonna be boring to eat. Most ice cream places have loads of toppings including jimmies, coconut shreds and gummy candies to make your cone all the more insta-worthy. It also comes in different flavors such as coconut and burnt honey-vanilla.


It was originated by Morganstern's Finest Ice Cream in NYC

People are lining up around the block daily at the birth place of black ice cream - Morganstern's in New York City. The owner used a coconut-based charcoal to make his first batch, and the rest is history.


You can get it in a black cone

If you really want to take it to the next level, try your black ice cream in an even "blacker" cone.


If you eat too much of it, it can make your birth control less effective

According to gynecologist Dr. Alyssa Dweck, charcoal in large amounts can tamper with your birth control as it is designed to absorb toxins as well as medication that is in the stomach. If you're having it once a month, apparently it's ok. If you're having it every day however; you might want to make sure you're using a secondary birth control method.


It doesn't taste like charcoal AT ALL

People have been saying that it just tastes like regular ice cream. It's like a sweet, mild vanilla flavor. Sounds yummy!

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