How Much Do You Actually Know About The Sun?

You hopefully know the earth revolves around it, and you probably know that during a solar eclipse, it gets blocked by the moon, but if you really want to test your sun knowledge, this is the place to do it!

Allison Sapien
On Aug 20, 2017
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How old is the sun?

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What type of star is our sun?

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Approximately how many times could the earth fit inside the sun?

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How hot is the sun at its core?

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What element comprises the highest percentage of the sun?

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How much of the solar system's mass is contained in the sun?

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How long does light from the sun take to reach Earth?

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What is an Astronomical Unit (AU) the measurement of?

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What is the average distance between the sun and the earth?

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What galaxy is our sun located in?

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Approximately how long does it take the sun to complete one orbit around the center of the galaxy?

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What's the term for what we see when a magnetic storm occurs on the sun's surface?

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What element is the sun currently burning?

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What happens to the sun's size when it starts burning helium?

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What is our sun's name?

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