Do You Have What It Takes To Spot Venomous Snakes Before They Can Bite You?

Snakes are notorious for their nigh-impossible-to-spot camouflage, and some have strike times of only fractions of a second. Can you spot these snakes before they would take a bite out of you?

Now, let's see if you can find these other snakes under a little less pressure! Take your time to see if you can spot these other camouflaged snakes in the wild!

Find the snake on this tree trunk!

Now, find the clever fellow hiding in this pile of leaves.

Here, you're looking for a pair of eyes.

This snake is terrifyingly huge once you find it.

This snake is moving. Do you see where he's going?

Can you see this snake right in front of you on the ground?

Uh oh! Another tree trunk snake!

Last one. Do you see this one slithering in the shadows?

Did you find all the snakes? Talk to us about it in the comments below, and share with your friends to see if they can spot all of these perfectly camouflaged predators!