13 Icelandic Horses Who Have Better Hair Than Their Celebrity Lookalikes

Horses in Iceland have basically the best hair of any living thing on this planet, including celebrities. Flip to see an Icelandic horse with better hair than its celebrity hair twin!

Allison Sapien
On Mar 29, 2017

Wanna see a pony with better bangs than Ellen DeGeneres?

Ed Sheeran wishes his hair had body like this horse's.

Taylor Swift will never have this horse's carefree salt hair

Dakota Johnson's bed head has nothing on this windswept mane

Didn't think hair could get better than Beyonce's?

If only Blake lively had this horse's natural waves.

This horse has a grunge level Kurt Cobain only aspired to.

These horses are just the Olsen twins with better hair.

If only Kristen Bell's hair moved like this horse's...

Florence Welch will never have bangs as perfect as this pony

No one's, not even Jessica Chastain's, hair will be as good.

Remember when Adam Lambert had this hair?

And finally, a riddle: Why does Natalie Dormer look sad?