What Are The Worst Pests For Businesses In London?

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On Sep 10, 2017
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Are you based in London, or perhaps the surrounding areas? If so, it’s important to keep your pest control prevention routine in place, because London as a city is running rampant with pests. Pest control for your local business is easily maintained with the right preventative measures. You can also check out local pest exterminators if you’re looking for reliable and affordable pest control in the London area.
Here are some of the most common and persistent pests that businesses find in London.
Bed Bugs
Because London is such a busy and bustling city, bed bugs are a major problem for the capital’s guest house and hotel owners. Bed bugs like to bite, and when they feed it causes your skin to become irritated. This may even cause customers to lose sleep, because of the fear of being bitten.
If you have an allergy to bed bugs, the skin can become very swollen and irritated. This is particularly unpleasant if you’ve been bitten during a stay in a hotel. Bed bugs are very common in businesses that have a high volume of people coming in and out, so hotels and hostels are a prime spot for them to hide.
The main pest you will encounter in London is the rat. Rats being in London is a very well known fact. These pests carry some really horrible diseases, so have to be dealt with quickly as soon as you see them.
Rodents will leave their droppings and urine around your property, as well as damaging your business by gnawing on furniture, wood and food products. Some rodents will even chew through wiring, which will spark and cause a fire. To keep pests away from your London business, make sure you know all of the signs of an infestation so you can catch it before it becomes too severe.
One of the most resilient pests out there in the city of London is cockroach. They carry a whole host of diseases, which they will spread to your food and water sources if given the chance. Any surfaces that come into contact with a cockroach immediately becomes contaminated.
An expert pest control company can take a look at the extent of the pest infestation your business is suffering from, and decide on the right thing to do based on your needs.