Which Shadowhunter Is Your Soulmate?

Will you get Alec, Jace, Simon, Meliorn or Raphael

Abby Peterson
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On Sep 7, 2016

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Alec Lightwood

Alec Lightwood

You got Alec

He is fiercely loyal. You can always count on him to come to your rescue. He is humble and has a quiet confidence. He is handsome and has a subtle sexiness that intrigues you. He is a good fighter and is extremely intelligent. He is a responsible and brave leader. He will always be by your side to fight with you and protect you. You two will kick ass together.

Jace Wayland

Jace Wayland

You got Jace

He is your knight in shining armour. He is a mighty warrior. He is strong and confident. He is stubborn, arrogant and self centered but he can be very caring. He doesn't open up to lots of people only those he trusts. His charm and charismsa will have you swooning. He will always be there for you and want to protect you.

Simon Lewis

Simon Lewis

You got Simon

He is always by your side and is with you through the thick and thin. He is a dorky lovable guy that is always able to brighten your day. He is a very sweet and romantic guy who will sweep you off your feet. He will always be there for you and support you.



You got Meliorn

He is the most down to earth guy you will ever meet. He is a sweet and considerate guy. He loves nature and he is very loyal. He is very intelligent and sophisticated. He is sweet and patient. You know that when you are with him you are safe and feel comfortable.



You got Raphael

He is dark and dangerous. He is the most loyal guy and will always be there in times of need. He may act like a bad boy but inside he's a good guy. He is very trustworthy and will always be there to rescue you. He has a bit of a dark past but it has made him into the loyal and loving guy he is.

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