What type of student are you?

Abbey Erickson
On Mar 29, 2017
When it comes time for finals, how do you prepare?I calm my nerves with some green tea.Why study when I could play minecraft.I study for a little bit each night.My friends and I have study groups and hang out afterwards.FOOTBALL IS LYFE!!!!!1!1!I am organized and study every night for 3 hours.What do you usually daydream about?Sleeping and eating food.Throwing the GREATEST party ever!Starting my own photogrpahy business.Getting home and playing my Nintendo 64Perfect grades, and going to the perfect university.FOOTBALL IS LYFE!!!!!What is your go to clothing item?My Nikes because you're pretty much naked without them.My prescription glasses... I can't see heh *pushes up glasses*My sundress!!!My 3D glasses glasses with the lenses popped out.My minecraft sweatshirt.My lazy sweatpants. They are a gift from heaven. How would your friends describe you at school?Studious and always ready to learn!A wallflower... all alone in this crazy messed up world...I don't show up enough to have a stereotype.Sociable and peppy, always coming to school with a smile on my face!I don't have friends..Really athletic and strong bc ball is life.Click the picture that attracts you mostWhat is your reaction when you forget your homework?Im 2 cool 4 skool lol!!!!I AM GOING TO FAIL THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING.Right... "forgot"I forgot because I was too busy defeating the boss in world 8!Dang I left it at practice!I'll just talk to the teacher about it, she'll understand.Who your favorite celebrity?Ed SheeranCristiano RonaldoYou wouldn't know them...I'm not allowed to watch tv... or drink pop.BEYONCE iS QUEENOrson Bean