Westworld quiz: tricky season 1 trivia

How closely were you paying attention during Westworld season 1? Take our 25-question quiz to find out…

Created By Dennis
On May 21, 2018
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The season one opening sequence refers to which artwork by Leonardo da Vinci?

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In episode one, what real-world location was the backdrop to the photograph of a woman found by Peter Abernathy?

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What are the names of the two Delos technicians manipulated by Maeve in season one?

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What breed of dog did Robert Ford have as a childhood pet?

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How much money does Logan tell William they’re paying per day “to jerk off, alone, in the woods, playing White Hat”?

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What does Dolores do at the end of episode one to indicate that she’s overriden her core programming?

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“Come on little one” says a technician to a robot bird he is trying to revive. From which film based on a Michael Crichton novel is he quoting?

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Bernard Lowe is intended to be an anagram for…

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What device does The Man in Black use to break Hector out of jail?

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The town of Sweetwater was named after a farm in which 1960s Spaghetti Western?

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What is the name given by the Native tribes to the Hazmat suit-wearing technicians who walk “between worlds – sent from hell to oversee our world”?

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What was the name of Bernard Lowe’s son?

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In Spanish, what does the name Dolores mean?

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What does Dolores unearth from beneath her grave outside the white church?

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Who was the composer of the 1890 solo piano piece Rêverie played repeatedly in season one?

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Who played an early version of Sidse Babett Knudsen’s character Theresa Cullen in the unaired Westworld pilot?

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Whose season one catchphrase was “Not much of a rind on you”

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Which children’s book does Bernard read with Dolores in season one?

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Which actor, who took inspiration from Yul Brynner’s performance in the 1973 film for a robotic role of his own, signed up to play the Gunslinger in a now-defunct Westworld movie remake?

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In which Sector is the replica of Ford’s childhood cottage and its hidden lab?

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The Man in Black tells Teddy that his wife died…?

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Ramin Djawadi is Westworld’s musical composer. Which other HBO show does he also compose the music for?

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For what reason does Maeve return to the park in the season one finale?

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From which Shakespeare play is the line “These violent delights have violent ends”?

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What is the title of Robert Ford's "final narrative"?

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