How well do you remember the Friends Thanksgiving episodes?

Who does Rachel invite over to Thanksgiving in Season 7?

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On Jun 2, 2017
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Why don’t Jack and Judy like Chandler?

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What was Chandler’s punishment for laughing at Joey being locked in the entertainment centre when the robber came to steal everything from Joey’s and Chandler’s apartment?

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What’s the correct order of the Thanksgiving trifle Rachel makes?

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When in one of the Thanksgiving flashback Monica accidentally drops a knife, which of Chandler’s feet gets hit by the blade?

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Who does Rachel invite over to Thanksgiving in Season 7?

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What’s Chander’s “traditional holiday feast” that he has instead of the normal Thanksgiving dinner?

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In Season 9, why does Rachel’s sister, Amy, get upset during the Thanksgiving dinner?

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Why were Rachel, Phoebe, Ross, and Joey late to the Thanksgiving dinner in season 10?

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Why Chandler doesn’t like Thanksgiving?

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Why Joey’s family doesn’t want to spend Thanksgiving with him in Season 1?

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What’s the name of the prize The Gang plays American football for in Season 3?

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In Season 9, while watching TV, what does Joey realise?

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How many states did Joey get in the States Game the gang plays during Thanksgiving in Season 7?

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Why kind of hat is Monica wearing on top of the turkey sitting on her head in Season 5?

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What does Phoebe say to Monica that makes her change her mind about giving a Thanksgiving dinner a go in Season 10?

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What was the rumour the “I Hate Rachel Green Club” made up to get back at Rachel in high school?

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What was the name of Ross’s high school friend Monica invited to Thanksgiving in Season 8?

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In Season 6, when everyone’s shouting their secrets after Thanksgiving dinner, Phoebe admits to loving whom?

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