What % Drama Queen Are You?

Do you overreact? Do you blow things out of proportion?? OMG, now you can check exactly how much DRAMA you actually need in your life

Created By yazi
On Aug 9, 2018

Describe the last fight you had with your significant other

When your date doesn't text you back...

When someone breaks your heart...

Someone spills a coffee on your shirt. Your reaction?

Your reaction to someone trying to spoil your favorite show:

When you overhear people gossiping about you. Your reaction -

Someone says something offensive about your weight

You drank a whole can of regular Coke instead of a Diet Coke

No Drama Here!

No Drama Here!

You are a very easy-breezy person to be around. Don't forget that sometimes your light and understanding approach make people feel that they can depreciate you. So sometimes you need to be a little more of a Drama Queen. But most of the time, your cool attitude is just perfect

Drama level: Perfectly Fine

Drama level: Perfectly Fine

Your reaction to anything in life is balanced, and you pick your fights very carefully, You save your energy for the really important stuff. Can you teach us how to do that? We salute you!

Total Drama Queen

Total Drama Queen

You don't just overreact, you make a day out of it. You love everything to be big, emotional, blown out of proportions and yes - DRAMATIC! You are not just a Drama Queen - you are the QUEEN of all drama queens. You need the attention and you can't live without the excitement. The upside: It's never boring around you!