What Kind Of A Kate Bush Fan Are You?

The legendary British musician returns to stage after 35 years. Over 80,000 tickets for her London summer gigs snapped up in just under 15 minutes. This is the right time to find out how much you really like this Babooshka!

Yam Yehoshua
Created By Yam Yehoshua
On Mar 29, 2017

How did you manage to purchase a ticket?

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The Loyal

The Loyal

You highly appreciate Kate Bush. Her music influenced you in many ways, and even though you were too busy following her steps - you will always treasure her. Not the biggest fan but certainly a devoted one!

The Nostalgic

The Nostalgic

Sure, you remember Kate Bush. She has always been around somehow with her hits playing on the Radio. It's nice to reminisce, but as a fan you could do better...

The Addict

The Addict

It's hard to imagine your life without Kate Bush. You try to follow every move she makes - and mostly succeed. You are the perfect fan. Time to hit those vinyls!