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Radio X
Created By Radio X
On Mar 13, 2019
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"You line them up/Look at your shoes/ You hang names on your wall/Then you shoot them all"

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"They say the more you fly, the more you
risk your life "

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"In the scrap yard/In the chip shop/In the phone box/In the pool hall"

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"There's no mistake, I smell that smell/It's that time of year again/ I can taste the air"

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"I wanna breeze and an open mind/I wanna swim in the ocean/Wanna take my time for me"

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"Thinking back, thinking of you/Summertime think it was June"

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"I've never been to your home/ That smells not unknown /Footsteps made of stone"

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"Get out of my mind with you/So come on over"

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