How Grunge Are You?

Test your grunge credentials here....

Radio X
Created By Radio X
On Sep 20, 2018

How would you describe your hair?

What’s your idea of a good night?

What do you think of big corporations?

Someone in the street laughs at your grunge style. What do you do?

Which of these bands is the odd one out to you?

Your band get offered a recording contract, what do you do?

Where would you most like to live?

You have to go to an awards ceremony, even though you’d rather die than be seen with all the other sell-outs. What do you wear?

You are PURE grunge!

You are PURE grunge!

Congratulations! You're so grunge we can smell you a mile away! You're stuck in the 90s and you don't care who knows it. Plus, you could definitely Come As You Are to a Grunge fancy dress party! Kurt would be proud!

You are quite grunge

You are quite grunge

Close but no cigar(ette)! While you exhibit some Grunge sensibilities, you definitely have some way to go. You might love to put on a bit of Soundgarden and Pearl Jam at the weekends, but during the week, you're working for the MAN!

You're not that grunge at all

You're not that grunge at all

Sorry! We're afraid you're not the slightest bit grunge. You're too clean, too responsible and you probably have no idea why Seattle is so important or who Frances Bean is. Bush is about as grunge as you get.