7 Tips and tricks to maintain sturdy and stylish bunk beds

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On Jun 29, 2018
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Are you looking for a bed which not only save space but can also be shared by two or more person? Want a furniture unit which works well in a kids room? Then bunk beds are the best choice. They are the furniture pieces which have one bed stacked on another and are a great way to add comfort, space and style to the room. Bunk beds for kids are the units which are functional and practical and offers children more space to play, store their essentials or simply more space to sleep. However, with any furniture piece, it is vital to look after the bunker bed to ensure that they last and stays in good condition.

Here are some easy maintenance tips for bunk beds.
1. Regular structural checks: The key thing that you should do is keep a close eye on the structure and steadiness of the kids bunk bed. Check once over every two-three months or look for the loose nuts, bolts, hinges and other connectors. Try to replace or repair any faulty parts. This will keep the bunk bed secure and stable for a longer time. If you have a wooden bed, then pay attention to any changes in the wood.
2. Proper usage of Bunk bed: Make sure that children are not using the bed as a trampoline. Although bunk beds look attractive, they are designed for sleeping and not for jumping. Follow the specifications given by the manufacturer and if you are customizing the bed then, avoid overburdening it, especially the top bunk. 
3. Tip to maintain metal bunk bed: Metal bunk beds available online, unlike wooden are hard to maintain. They easily get bend and lose stability over time. So to maintain them keep a regular check on areas where bed may lose it shape, joints and other parts. Also, ensure that no sharp edges are projecting from any part of the bed and if some screws are missing, replace them immediately.
4. Care while moving: Always avoid the situation to move the entire bunk bed. Ensure that you disassemble the bed and then re-assemble it at a place where you are planning to keep it. Make sure you don't miss out any part since it can affect the structure and sturdiness of the bed.
5. Take care of polish: Taking care of the polish and dusting the bunk bed regularly will not only keep the bed clean and beautiful but will also help you to find the areas of concern. So take time to clean them and ensure that your stylish and durable bunk bed remain as good as new and safe for the kids.
6. Ladder style: Another important thing that you should take care is the ladder of the bed. This is because it is an element which joints upper and lower bed. So ensure that the spaces between the stairs are suitable, supporting poles and contact points are stable enough to bear individual's weight.
7. Take care of the storage drawers: If your bunk bed has storage drawers then properly oil them for smooth moving. Take care that the handles are appropriately screwed and ensure that it can hold items easily without any hindrance. 

Bunk beds are the most fascinating and fun way to decorate a kids bedroom. They not only help in optimising the space but also helps in developing children the habit of sleeping independently. Bunk beds for the children also come with storage space to keep kids toys, pillows, blankets and much more. So maintain them easily by following the ways and gift your children a place to sleep and play amazingly. 
Summary: Read the article to maintain the bunk beds in your home and shave an fantastic and stylish bedroom. Bunk beds are the units which not only provide a decor accent to the room but will also help users to have a sound sleep without any hindrance. They are the units which are available online in a variety of designs. Shapes and styles. So research thoroughly about the different factors of the bunk bed online and buy a piece that fills your needs and style.