5 Effective Queen Size Mattress Filling Variants and their Advantages

Queen size beds are pretty popular these days. A little larger than the full-size double beds, these are bit more spacious beds, accommodating enough space for a couple to have a relaxing sleep. While a double or full-size bed, has a standard dimension of 53” X 75”, a queen size bed is a bit more spacious with 60” X 80”.
Mattresses for the queen size beds are available in a variety of different levels. What adds to the comfort of the bed, apart from the spaciousness in this mattress, is the filling material of the bed.

These variously filled mattresses are designed to serve different purposes.
In the following points, I have discussed the different mattress filling material.

Different Queen Size Mattress Filling and their Advantages

1.Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress
This filling material makes for a plush design of mattress. The unique thing about this queen size mattress filling is that it resists motion transfer, which means that if your bed-partner turns over it does not affect you at all unless she/he is throwing off his/her limbs at you.
The gel is infused in the foam filling in the form of beads, making the mattress-filling breathable. This is very helpful as it takes the heat away from the body, maintaining the temperature of the mattress surface to optimal levels. The filling keeps the surface of the mattress firm, which resists sagging of the mattress and supports the spine. 
This mattress, thus, relives back pain and stress from other places in the body. 

2.Soft Memory Foam Mattress
These mattress options are good for those who are experiencing back and shoulder pains. Those individuals who are light in weight would find them sleep well in these mattresses. These mattresses have temperature sensitive material, making it breathable. 
The softness of the mattress is great for relieving stress from different body parts. The bottom part of the mattress has an orthopedic foam base, which is further layered on the top with plush foam. 
This variety of foam mattress helps you to maintain the alignment of your body.

3.Coir Filled Mattress
This filling of the mattress is made up of the husk of a coconut. Since, the filling of the mattress is made up of natural material, which provides good spring quality and ventilation, making it hygroscopic and breathable. 
Coir filled mattress provides firm support to the mattress support, giving good support to the spine.
Since no chemicals are used, this is also an eco-friendly option of mattresses.
For those who end up aching in pain after sleeping on soft mattresses, these mattresses would prove to be a boon. 

4.Bonded Foam Mattress
These mattresses are made up of polyurethane material, which makes it a dense-bonded filling material. The mattresses filling provides for a fine blend of softness and firmness, making it a mattress that supports the back and re-lives stresses from different body parts.

5.Pocket Spring Filled Mattress
Pocket springs provide superior relief from body pressure, unlike any of its contemporaries. This is often regarded as an orthopedic option of the mattress. This mattress provides correct spinal alignment, allowing it to maintain that correct spinal alignment. 
These mattresses are breathable, taking away body heat from the mattresses. These are thick mattresses that provide the best luxurious comfort. Also, the pocket spring material does not harbor mites and dust and is thus easy-to-maintain.

Queen size is a popular size of beds, and thus, mattresses. These mattress units are just a little larger than the full size or double-bed size mattresses. The standard size of a queen size mattress is 60” X 80”, which is spacious enough for a couple to have a comfortable sleep.
The filling material of the bed adds to the comfort of the mattress. There are numerous types of filler materials of the beds, that serve different purposes.