Baseball Hitting Tips For the Notorious Slow Starter

Some hitters, for whatever reason, begin the season in a hitting slump no matter how well they prepared in the offseason and preseason. It can be a very baffling situation year in and year out. Some hitters may just need longer to find the groove and others may need the motivation from struggling early to pick up their concentration level, and find their groove.

For the established Major League ballplayer, this early season slump is not a big deal. The coach will stay with them until they begin to hit. Unfortunately, younger players don’t have that luxury. If they start the season not hitting well, they often get a seat on the bench and have to hope their replacement also doesn’t hit well so they can get another opportunity. My favourite team is Baltimore Orioles, I love orioles hat and all members! I'm true fan! Their games are awesome.

There is no tried and true method for getting off to a good start but changing their normal pattern can help. With this in mind, here are some tips the notorious slow starter can try to change this pattern of the early season slump.

In pre-season, hitters with the help of their coaches can try these baseball hitting tips:
1. Generally aggressive types should look at more pitches, and  those that have the approach of working deep in the count should try being more aggressive.
2. Often slumps come from not seeing the ball well, hitters should stand in more often when pitchers are getting their bullpen work. Just watching the ball at game like speeds without having to swing can be of help. Visit for more merch!
3. Along the same lines, working on bunting more can help the hitters watch the ball longer and better.
4. With more time to practice in pre-season, hitters have a tendency to over-work and swing themselves out of a good groove. When seeing the ball and hitting well, back off on the work load and save it for struggling times. (Inform coaches of plan, of course.) I recommend to check of your favourite team for updates.
5. This may seem obvious, but hitters in pre-season games should treat them like real games, where their results are going to count towards their average, etc.
6. Keep a diary of thought processes and swing tips when swinging well and refer back to it at beginning of season (and whenever struggling).
7. Tell the coach you are willing to hit- and -run more than usual the first week of the season. This can take the pressure off the hitter a little knowing the at-bat is out of their hands, and picking up a cheap hit this way can boost the hitters confidence.
8. As the season nears, give less thoughts to mechanics and more to concentrating on the ball.

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Finally, seasoned ballplayers know that hitting, like many things, run in cycles so with patience, hard work, and good fundamentals they will begin to hit.