What Type Of Person Is Your Fantasy Crush?

Not every person you go out with will live up to your expectations, but it's always nice to know what you prefer in an ideal partner. Share your relationship goals on Whisper: http://wis.pr/Nuji

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On Apr 15, 2015

Which seems most like you?

When it comes to your own appearance?

When it comes to liking another person...

Your thoughts on tattoos...

Your ideal life would be...

A fun date would be...

Which sounds like you...

Pick an animal...

Fit & Confident Crush

Fit & Confident Crush

You're just looking for someone as active and adventurous as yourself. You're a go-getter & you need a person who can keep up! Find other adventure lovers on Whisper: http://wis.pr/Nuji

Nerdy & Sensitive Crush

Nerdy & Sensitive Crush

You're looking for a person to enjoy a comfortable silence with & someone to challenge your mind intellectually. Find more people who share your appreciation for the nerdy things on Whisper: http://wis.pr/Nuji

Laid-back & Independent Crush

Laid-back & Independent Crush

You need someone with a happy-go-lucky attitude and who believes that everyday should be lived to its fullest potential. Find other free spirits on Whisper: http://wis.pr/Nuji