What Kind Of Grandparent Will You Be?

Screw being a parent, I'm ready to be the cool grandparent! Share your dreams for the future on Whisper: http://wis.pr/Nuji

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On May 5, 2015

Which seems most like you as a child?

What scares you most?

Your view on naps...

How would you comfort this person?

You're in a band. Which sounds most like you?

Your biggest goal...

Which seems most like you...

How do you prefer to de-stress?

Forever Young Grandparent

Forever Young Grandparent

You refusal to grow old and your overall lust for life will be your ultimate legacy. Share your fun stories on Whisper: http://wis.pr/Nuji

Wise Grandparent

Wise Grandparent

Years of seeking knowledge have earned you your wisdom and many will come to you for advice and counsel. Find others who share your passion for learning on Whisper: http://wis.pr/Nuji

The Second Parent

The Second Parent

You have enough love in your pinky finger to nurture the world and will be center stage in your grandchildren and great grandchildren's lives. Find other people who love love on Whisper: http://wis.pr/Nuji