Real Or No Real: The YouTuber Edition

How well do you know your faves?

We The Unicorns
Created by We The Unicorns
On Mar 29, 2017
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Phil Lester was once an extra in British soap Emmerdale.

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Tanya Burr used to work as a make-up artist on a Benefit cosmetics counter

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Joe Sugg was rejected to appear as an extra in Harry Potter because he was too short.

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Marcus Butler is shipped with his colleague Matt and people call them Mattcus.

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Mark Ferris has been in an Ellie Goulding music video.

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Zoe Sugg's middle name is Victoria.

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PewDiePie once had a trial for Manchester United Under 21s football team.

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Connor Franta's mum is called Diane.

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Anna Saccone met Jonathan Joly when he cast her in a music video he was directing.

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Finally, Dan Howell had a dog named Suki.

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