Artist Perfectly Captures 10 Things Women Do When They're Totally Alone

Sally Nixon, an illustrator from Little Rock, has created a series of images called “365." The series reveals the secret lives of women when they're totally alone, when they're not self-conscious or being watched. We know we're guilty of all of these - how many of them have you done?

Wendy Darling
Created by Wendy Darling
On Jul 12, 2017

Brushing Your Teeth In The Shower

We've all tried to save a little time by brushing our teeth in the shower. If you're running late, why WOULDN'T you?? Your shower's basically a giant sink. Plus, it's not nearly as gross as peeing in the shower, which we've all done too. Whoops. Also, that one-suit tan is also incredibly #relatable and stupidly hard to get rid of.


Just Your Average Chilly Work-Night

This one's relateable for all of our artists, and for anyone who doesn't want to pay crazy heating bills. Especially if you're just cold-natured, you can't be toasty until you're wearing a hat, three sweaters, a blanket, and fuzzy socks. Don't forget the personal heater. Cozy little dog optional, but sincerely recommended.


Just Chillin

If we never had to leave bed, we wouldn't. This is an average Friday night for most women. Ignoring your own bed sheets for a fuzzy blanket, sticking out your feet to make sure you get too hot. Until you go to sleep, that is. Everyone knows you can't sleep with just one leg out of the covers; that's just asking to be in a horror movie.


Getting Lost In A Book

This beautifully colorful drawing shows women who love to read in their natural habitat, doing what they do best: ignoring everyone and escaping into the perfect novel when no one's looking.


Sneaking Food To The Dog/Eating Peanut Butter Out Of The Jar

If you told us that you had never eaten PB straight out of the jar with a spoon, you're either allergic to peanuts or lying. We see you sneaking some peanut-buttery goodness without any bread. And every dog owner can admit that they've secretly given a little human food to their best friend. Just when they've been a good boy.


Sitting Around Half-Naked When You Don't Know What To Wear

Ah, the classic I-Don't-Know-What-I'm-Wearing winter pose, complete with zero bra. This is nearly identical to the "I've just gotten back from a party, but I'm too tired to even get into my pajamas" ensemble. Hey, tights are basically yoga-pants, right?


Awkwardly Peeing While Your Pet Watches

What are they looking at? You know they hate it when you watch THEM pee, so what's the big deal? How can this be interesting? But you're stuck on your porcelain throne, unable to throw your pet out of the bathroom until you're done with your business, caught making awkward eye-contact. The worst part is when your pet tries to jump in the toilet bowl when you flush. #letmegoinpeace


Lady's Night

Hollywood would have you believe that Girls' Night is a wild time, full of pillow fights and clubbing, shots and giggling over sex toys. But 99% of Ladies' Nights are just you and your closest friends crammed on a sofa, eating pizza and drinking boxed wine. If you're not gossiping, you're all half-paying attention to some movie that's probably not very good. At least one of you will fall asleep before 12:00.


Eating In Bed And No Pants

Pants are so overrated indoors. Fling them off the second you get home and run around your house with your thighs free to breathe and show off how desperately you need lotion. There's nothing more relatable than munching on snacks in bed, covered in fake cheese while being gloriously pants-free. #freetheknees #breakoutthecheese


Falling Asleep At Any Moment

Working can take all of the energy out of you, and sometimes when you're finally home after a long day of work, it's impossible to keep your eyes open. Even during dinner! Plop that plate on the floor, doze for fifteen minutes to two hours, and then get irrationally grumpy that your food dared to get cold while you neglected it. Microwave your food and repeat.

How many of these have you done? Tell us in the comments below, check out the artist's Instagram (, and don't forget to share this with the lovely ladies in your life!