How well do you know "Gone With The Wind"?

For the 75th Anniversary of "Gone With The Wind" let's test your knowledge on one of the greatest movies ever made!

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On Sep 12, 2014
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How many Oscars® did "Gone With The Wind" take home at the 1939 Academy Awards®?

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What other significant film did "Gone With The Wind" beat for Best Picture in 1939?

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What is the name of Scarlett’s beloved home?

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In the movie, how big was Scarlett O'Hara's waist before having children?

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When Rhett and Scarlett meet for the first time, what had she just done?

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What line from the movie is still the #1 movie quote of all time according to the American Film Institute?

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Where did "Gone With The Wind" take place?

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How many times was Scarlett O’Hara married?

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To hide her poverty from Rhett what material does Scarlett use to fashion a dress?

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Which man does Scarlett end up with at the end of the novel?

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