Time for a Crop Quiz! What Famous Celebs Are #DiddyCropped Out of These Photos?

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Created by VH1
On Mar 4, 2019

It's a tale as old as time. You're taking photos with your friend and there's one photo where everyone but one person looks great. Or maybe you were just being polite and taking a photo, but you ended up looking really great and you want to post it on Instagram. What is a person to do?

Diddy has a solution: Crop em' out! Maybe even use a little Photoshop if you're feeling fancy. After all, all is fair in love and 'Gram. But can you tell who has been #DiddyCropped out of these celebrity photos? Take our Crop Quiz to find out!

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We'll start off easy. Who did Kim Kardashian crop out of this photo?

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Who did Oprah crop out of this iconic photo?

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Who did Chrissy Teigen crop out of her birthday message to Beyoncé?

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Who did Sam Smith #DiddyCrop out of this photo?

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The OG #DiddyCrop. Who is missing from this photo?

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Who did Beyoncé crop out of her tribute to Aaliyah?

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Who did Kim Kardashian crop out of this photo?

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Who did Diddy crop (and photoshop) out of this photo?

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