Choose Sides in These Love & Hip Hop Fights and We'll Tell You Which Super Bowl Team You Should Be Rooting For

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On Mar 4, 2019

Plenty of people have gone head-to-head on Love & Hip Hop this season, but where do your loyalties lie? Do you think Bianca was right to throw her shoe at Bri? Maybe you imagine jumping over a table like Mariahlynn the next time you have beef? Whatever the case, it's time for you to make a choice!

Take the quiz below, and we'll tell you which Super Bowl team you should be rooting for during this weekend's big game.

Whose side are you on in this Bianca v. Bri beef?

When it comes down to it, do you think Anais is right to be upset that Yandy has taken Jonathan away from her?

Do you think Bri was wrong for flipping a whole dang table on Kiyanne, or did Kiyanne deserve it?

In the middle of a conversation, the girl you're talking to takes the top off of her smoothie. You...

If you were Mariahlynn, and Dreamdoll came to tell you that your career was over and threw out a casual, "Your mother..." what would you do?

If your significant other came home with a puppy from another person, what would you do?

If you were in the middle of talking out your problems and your friend was about to bring up something embarrassing you would...

You should be rooting for the Patriots!

You should be rooting for the Patriots!

You root for the clear cut favorite, basically the sure thing, even if that means that they don't always deserve to take the W. The Patriots have talent, but they've been shady AF in the past and might not always play fair.

You should be rooting for the Eagles!

You should be rooting for the Eagles!

When in doubt, you bet on the person who is least likely to win, but most deserving.You love to see an underdog come through in the end, so you should be rooting for the Eagles to win.

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