Which The Vamps Single Are You?

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Created By VampsInTheUSA
On Mar 29, 2017

It’s a typical Friday night. What are you doing?

When you’re on a dinner date you order:

Your favorite Disney movie:

You would describe your fashion style as:

You were just gifted $1,000 but you have to spend it in the next 48 hours. What will you do:

Your dream job:

Let’s talk about your hair…

You identify the most with...

Your premiere vacation destination is:

When trying to impress someone, your go-to strategy is...

Can We Dance

Can We Dance

You enjoy life in the fast lane. You live in the moment and when you see something you like you tend to go for it. You are confident and also a bit of a rebel. People may say you are a spontaneous person because you would rather just go on impulse then sit and plan things out. You have a rather large friend group and love to do activities with them on a regular basis. People know you as a great host when it comes to parties.

Wild Heart

Wild Heart

You are a romantic person, whether you want to admit it or not. You love to have a good time with friends but also love your chill time. You have a destination in mind and love bringing other people along for the ride. You consider yourself a kid at heart and don’t care much if people think you’re goofy. You love seeing the sights and enjoying the outdoors. Helping others comes natural to you when you see a need.

Last Night

Last Night

You find yourself saying “YOLO” a bit too often. You enjoy making the most out of every day and are a pretty optimistic person. You are easy going and love to make even small activities feel like a party. You feed off of other’s energy, which is why you like to keep people happy that are around you. You don’t need to be the center of attention you just need people around you that can build you up and encourage your ideas. You are also adventurous and a huge people person - you can strike up a conversation with almost anyone.