What Type Of Foodie Are You?

There are many types of foodies in the world. Which kind are you?

Tucson Foodie
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On Apr 27, 2016

We all know now how important breakfast is. Typically, you eat...

My first choice for eating dinner out is usually...

Which of the following sounds most delicious at the moment:

One of my favorite restaurants is:

You'll almost never catch me eating this:

My guilty pleasure is:

If I'm cooking, I mostly use...

For dessert, it's usually...

The last thing I ate was:

I could eat this type of food everyday:

When eating, I typically drink:

Comfort Foodie

Comfort Foodie

If it's fried, includes bacon, pork belly, or duck confit, count you in. Of course, you don't ALWAYS eat like this, but you gravitate towards yummy, savory, big, and hearty. Salad for lunch? Probably not. Sandwich or burger with french fries? YES. Tater tots an option? Even better.

Ethnic Foodie

Ethnic Foodie

Thai, Indian, Ethiopian, Japanese, if it's NOT American food, you're a fan. And what's not to love? It's delicious, different, fun, and usually includes great people watching. You probably know that pho is traditionally a breakfast dish, but if you actually practice that tradition, well, consider us amazed.

Healthy Foodie

Healthy Foodie

Let's face it. You eat healthy. Salads, minimal to no dairy, minimal meat. Your friends may tease you for it but you feel great, have tons of energy and take great care of yourself. Bravo!

Exploratory Foodie

Exploratory Foodie

You're always looking for something new, something fun, and something different. Ethnic food? Yes. Comfort food? Bring it. Gastro-molecular-vegeta-whatever? Sounds great. You seek out hole-in-the-wall style joints and dine at new restaurants soon after they open.

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