Can You Correctly Use These Commonly Misused Words?

Can you correctly use these commonly misused words in simple sentences? We'll give you a sentence and you tell us the correct word to use.

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On Dec 5, 2017

Apply the ointment to the ________ eye.

The ________ building is located in the center of town.

She purposely made a negative comment to ______ a response from you.

There are _____ many cooks in the kitchen.

I would be happy to _____ your generous package.

Our family _______ from Ireland twenty years ago.

It is truly exciting that ________ finally engaged!

Grandma is sick of telling Timmy, ''don't forget _____ coat!''

It’s better to have an ugly car _______ no car at all!

A downward camera angle creates the ________ of more length.

We couldn't help but notice the ________ change in the weather.

Grammar Master

Grammar Master

We picked some of the most commonly misused words in the English language for this quiz and you were PERFECT! Congratulate yourself on your ability to defy the odds and use our language better than 97% of the people taking this quiz. Too many people forget the 5th grade basics and are lazy with language (especially on Facebook and Twitter), but not you!

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Dictionary Derelict

Dictionary Derelict

Uh oh! You fell trap to our commonly misused words! You made a good attempt, we'll give you that. Sadly you couldn't select all the correct words to fit each sentence. Luckily for you, these are commonly misused words, the key word being commonly. That being said, we're all guilty of using the wrong words at times. Share this quiz you dictionary derelict, see how your friends do

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