One-Hit Wonders: Songs and Artists from 70s, 80s, 90s...

Do you like to flex your music-trivia prowess? Are you always the "know-it-all" at your local pub? Well, belly up to the bar and let's see what sort of useless music trivia is rolling around in that brain of yours:

Tim Huggins
Created by Tim Huggins
On Mar 29, 2017
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Who thought it'd be a good idea to save David Bowie's hero with "Major Tom (Coming Home)?"

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What group sailed "Ride Captain Ride" to the top?

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This former Haircut One Hundred singer had a hit with "Whistle Down the Wind."

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What 1971 song was about cannibalism following a mining disaster?

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Before "Life is a Highway," Tom Cochrane was rocking on the "Lunatic Fringe" with what band?

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You remember "The Promise" as the closing song in "Napoleon Dynamite." Do you remember who sang it?

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Edison Lighthouse topped the charts with their hit:

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Who asked his secretary in 1969 to "Take a Letter Maria?"

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What 1978 Nicolette Larson pop hit was a song written by Neil Young?

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Who sang the title song for the Performing Arts movie "Fame?"

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What famous sideman co-wrote Don Henley's hit "Boys of Summer?"

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"Eyes of a Stranger" was a break-out hit from the movie "Valley Girl." Whom do we have to thank?

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Who asked us "Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?"

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The Rembrandts definitely had their biggest hit with Friends' theme song "I'll Be There For You," but what was their only other hit which preceded it?

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This Aussie had a #1 hit with "Undercover Angel" in 1977:

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Who 'had a thing going on' in "Me and Mrs. Jones?"

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He sang about basic physics in "Magnet and Steel."

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"Sometimes When We Touch" (the honesty's too much...) is by?

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Who warned us that "Jane's Getting Serious?"

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"I Know There's Something Going On" was a hit for ex-ABBA singer Frida. Who played drums on it?

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