Good Comment or Bad Comment?

Are these examples of good comments or bad comments? Find out more at

Tiara Paedia
Created by Tiara Paedia
On Dec 2, 2014
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“I really agreed with you on _____________. It made me think of ____________. I understand why X disagrees, because _______, but I still feel that _____. Thank you for posting!”

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“You are completely wrong in everything and therefore you are a bad person.”

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“I disagree with your points about ______________ because I think it means ____________. I am troubled by __________ because it makes me feel ____________”

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“Urgh, you f*ckin’ ugly fat cow! You should stop writing, nobody wants to listen to you!”

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“Thank you for your post. I really appreciated how you talked about _________. I think ___________.”

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“You are always extremely right and anyone that disagrees with you is an idiot!”

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