Are you team Kimye or team Tay?

Where do you fit in today's celebrity drama?

The Tab
Created By The Tab
On Mar 29, 2017

If someone stole the mic during your VMA's acceptance speech, how would you react?

If you saw that your husband was on the phone with someone, what would you do?

If someone posted an unflattering video of you, what would you do?

If someone defended the person you were fighting with, what would you do?

If someone tried to take credit for your ultra-successful career, what would you do?

If you saw two friends fighting on social media, what would you do?

Team Kimye

Team Kimye

You are soo on Kimye's side. Taylor made her entire career writing about other people, and I'm sure she never asked them for permission in advance. Kim is doing the right thing by defending her husband and all the haters in the world can't shake what Kim and Kanye have.

Team Tay

Team Tay

You are Team T all the way. Kanye may have asked her about a line or two, but she certainly didn't give him permission to call her a bitch and take credit for her success. And calling out her defenders on twitter is beyond petty. Taylor doesn't need this drama in her life right now and, honestly, neither do you.