It's Been A While: Take Our Garth Brooks Quiz

How well do you know Garth Brooks, the country music superstar who will start a six-show Sacramento stand March 27? Take this quiz to find out. As for the softball questions, don't thank us. Thank Brooks, who inspired us with his stints playing baseball with major-league teams during spring training (and for charity) several years ago.

The Sacramento Bee
Created by The Sacramento Bee
On Mar 29, 2017
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Brooks has sold more albums than anyone else in the Nielsen SoundScan era, which began in 1991. Who is his closest rival?

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Brooks is the second-best-selling act of all time, according to the Recording Industry Association of America. Who tops him?

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Where did Brooks go to college?

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In which sport did Brooks compete while in college?

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What was Brooks' first No. 1 country single?

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What was Brooks' only top 40 pop hit?

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Brooks named his daughter, Taylor, after a celebrity. Who is that celebrity?

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During his semi-retirement from the road, Brooks had a longtime residency performing in Las Vegas on weekends. Where in Vegas did he perform?

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When Brooks hosted "Saturday Night Live" in 1999, he pretended to be in love with one of the show's recurring sketch characters. Which character?

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Brooks covers hits by many artists in his 2013 boxed set. Who is NOT among them?

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