34 Tribal Tattoos That Turned Badass

Everyone was getting a tribal tattoo in the 90s. These people decided to transform their ink into something awesome and NAILED IT!

Created by TheLastStraw
On Mar 16, 2015

Yesteryear's outline of an eagle became a kickass raven!


This tiny tribal tattoo wrapped around a rose just needed some Miracle-Gro and BAM!


Get hypnotized by these intricate flowers and forget that you had a tiger and a dragon swimming in tribal designs on your shoulder!


A quiet little lion grew up to be the badass king of the shoulder tats!


Hello, pokey tribal lines! Meet the floral flourishes that we love in the 21st century!


From a tribal tattoo entwined around this guy's arm to treating his body like a temple


Even if you got a big solid black and red tribal tattoo, no worries. Get that mess covered with metal inner workings like you're a machine inside!


If his tribal tat was keeping him up at night, now he can snuggle up with an alien drooling green saliva!


When he first got this tattoo, he probably never imagined it would morph into a gasmask-wearing cyborg. It's so cool that it did!


Ladies cover up their tribal tattoos too!


Sure "every rose had its thorn," but what it really needs is a hummingbird.


To bridge the gap between two regrettable tattoos, this lady tattooed her whole back with one badass piece of art. Work those turntables!


Now you see a tribal tat... now you only see lovely roses!


She might have thought she would love this tattoo on her back forever and ever. Let's hope those pretty stars and lilies strike her fancy longer!


A pointy spider-scorpion-thing got integrated into the eagle feathers in a badass 'Merica tattoo!


This guy wanted to cover two tattoos with one vibrant koi fish. So much better!


From abstract to a monocle-clad bird which may be getting stabbed by knives (it's still beautiful!)


An angry mass of claws surrounded by thorny vines seemed so cool in the 90s. But now they've been devoured by a shiny green dragon!


A thorny cuff around this guy's arm became a collage of an angry clown, a woman with a cowboy hat, chains, a classic car, and a pug! Can you even see the original tattoo anymore?


After falling out of love with his tribal tattoo, he got way into World War I history


Taking the edge off that sharp tribal tattoo involved a soft quill, pearls, and a brooch


What bulldog? What tribal armband? You mean these gorgeous roses?


A simple dolphin that needed to be hidden by a true work of art. The detail! The absolute beauty! A much better decision this time.


And now for our favorite tribal-to-badass transformation! It was just outlines and looked so incomplete. It was just a seriously ugly duckling. Fast forward to a wonderfully rendered rattlesnake bursting out of flesh! Bravo, buddy!


Which of these is your favorite? Regret your tats? Love your tats? Comment below!