Love and Sex Irish Style: The Irish Valentine’s Day Quiz

When you hear the “Irish romantics”, do you think WB Yeats and Patrick Kavanagh? Or Miley and Fidelma rolling in the hay? We won’t judge: there’s something for everyone in our Irish Valentine’s Day quiz. Who says we don’t do romance?

The Irish Times
Created by The Irish Times
On Feb 13, 2020
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What does Jimmy Snr do in Roddy Doyle’s ‘The Snapper’ after Veronica indicates that romance might not be entirely out of the question?

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In 1966, the Bishop of Clonfert, Thomas Ryan, called for a public protest over “debasing and disgraceful” comments made by a newlywed woman on the ‘Late Late Show’. But what did Eileen Fox actually say?

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Miley and Fidelma’s illicit 1997 roll in the hay on ‘Glenroe’ was the shift that changed the face of Ireland. But can you remember the chat-up line that preceded it?

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Which of the following is not Irish slang denoting involvement in a romantic clinch?

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When Leo Varadkar paid his first visit to Downing Street, he said he was reminded of a scene in ‘Love Actually‘ where Hugh Grant dances down the stairs. Which other world leader has admitted to being a bit inspired by Hugh Grant i

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Who said “Love loves to love love”?

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Whose dark hair wove a snare around Patrick Kavanagh’s heart on Raglan Road?

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New Orleans Rose, Molly Molloy Gambel was on the receiving end of a surprise marriage proposal live on stage during the 2013 Rose of Tralee. How did she respond?

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Which Irish TV show screened the first kiss between two gay men on Irish television?

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When Michael Collins was in London in 1922 for the Treaty negotiations, he was spotted in
the company of a woman, prompting the newspaper headline ‘M. Collins in Downing Street with his sweetheart’. Who was the ‘sweetheart’?

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Which of the following ’Oscar Wilde quotes’ about love did Oscar Wilde not actually say?

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Who wrote: ‘You’re the measure of my dreams’?

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In which sacred Irish location are the reputed relics of St Valentine held?

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‘Never fear. We may let the _____ fall/ Confident that we have built our wall.’ What’s the
missing word in this line from the Seamus Heaney poem about love?

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Which 1960 novel about the sexual awakening of two young Irish girls was banned by the
censor and publicly burnt by the author’s parish priest?

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