Lost Colony of Roanoke Mystery Just Became Even More Mysterious

The lost town of Roanoke is a mystery that almost seems like it doesn't want to be solved.

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On Jun 21, 2017
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Lost City of Roanoke More Mysterious Than Ever

The mystery surrounding the lost colony of Roanoke is one that has lasted for more than 400 years.

Back in 1998, excavators digging on Hatteras Island in North Carolina, found a gold ring. There was a lion emblazoned onto the body and a British heraldry expert linked it to the Kendall family involved in the 1580s Roanoke voyages organized by Sir Walter Raleigh. It seemed this was a clue in an enduring mystery.

The story is among the scariest from the "new world." A group of settlers arrived in Roanoke from England in the summer of 1587, led by John White. White returned to England to get more supplies and was delayed coming home. When he returned three years later, no one was there. Only the word “Croatoan” carved onto a post left any clue. Croatoan was the name of a native tribe allied with the English.

No one knows what became of the settlers. And now we still don't.

Unfortunately, further testing of the ring has shown that the ring is brass, not gold as originally believed. This means it is likely from a later period and was likely just a trade some settler made with a Native American. The most prevalent theory still seems to be assimilation, but it's anyone's guess. And the mystery remains.

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[via: Smithsonian.com]

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