How well do you know The Beatles?

Take Murray Lindsay's quiz to find out how much you know about The Beatles.

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On Mar 30, 2017
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Which drummer did Ringo Starr replace?

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What major recording company rejected the Beatles saying "Guitar groups are on the way out"

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On the Beatles first tour of the USA they were watched by over 73 million viewers .What show did they appear on?

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According to NME magazine what other dream did George Harrison have?

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What was the original name of the Paul McCartney song Yesterday?

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What item wasn’t used in the recording of the song Yellow Submarine?

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The Beatles received what award from the Queen in 1965?

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The Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band took how many hours to record?

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How did John Lennon die?

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Which two members of the Beatles were left handed?

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