How well do you know Cat Stevens?

We are looking forward to Cat Stevens' NZ shows this December.

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On Jul 16, 2017
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Cat Stevens was born in...

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Wild World was a song on what Cat Stevens Album?

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Cat suffered what major illness in 1968 (After which he started writing less commercial and more introspective songs.)

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For seven months from 1971 to 1972 Cat Stevens was romantically linked to what popular female singer

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What was Cat Stevens first single?

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In 1979, Cat auctioned off what personal item and gave the money to charity in an effort to show his devotion to Islam.

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Cat Stevens is coming to New Zealand on his what …..year anniversary tour

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Has Cat Stevens been inducted in the ROCK AND ROLL HALL of FAME ?

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Which of these songs is not on the album Catch Bull at 4?

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Who didn’t record Cat Stevens song The First Cut is The Deepest?

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