How well do you know Beatles song lyrics?

Find out if your a Beatles fan, a Beatles expert or if you need to learn more about these iconic songs.

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On Mar 29, 2017
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"I ain't got nothing but love"

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"I don't wanna sound complaining but you know there's always rain in my heart"

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"Everyone smiles as you drift past the flowers
That grow so incredibly high"

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"He likes to keep his fire engine clean
It's a clean machine"

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"Molly stays at home and does her pretty face"

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"And our friends are all on board
Many more of them live next door"

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"He say I know you, you know me
One thing I can tell you is you got to be free"

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"So why on earth should I moan, cos when I get you alone"

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"You were made to go out and get her
The minute you let her under your skin"

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"When all the broken-hearted people living in the world agree there will be an answer"

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