What type of flower crown is best for your personality?

From dainty and delicate to bold and expressive, sometimes it is hard to know what type of flower crown best complements our overall energy and style. Take this quiz to learn more about what flowers and colors are best for your flower crown!

On Mar 29, 2017

During your free time, people are most likely to find you..

When you travel, what places do you typically stay at?

When it comes down to business and there is something that needs resolution, your response is generally...

What colors below resonate with you the most?

My favorite pairing of food and drink are...

Are you a coffee bean or a tea leaf?

What kind of shoes do you prefer to wear?

The flower that best describes me RIGHT NOW in life is...

What words do you most connect to?

What is most important to you in your life?

You are an Earthy God/Goddess

You are an Earthy God/Goddess

You are an earth god or goddess, with a true connection to all things natural, calming and free. You appreciate the beauty in being flexible, not held back by rules and how things 'should' be. You're easy-going, like a fallen leaf floating down the stream of life. You are drawn to mountains, wildlife and waterfalls and in a way, they are as equally drawn to you as well. The flower crown that would be best suited for you would be put together, but also a little wild. Whether it is braided by simple wildflowers from your hike or simply having a sprig sitting on top of your ear, you are just happy to be one with the flowers and can appreciate the joys of putting flowers in your hair.

Your mantra is, "May all things be happy and free".

Your flowers for your crown are: White Poppies, Daisies and Wildflowers.

Stick to greens, whites and yellows in your crown! The more natural the better.

You are a Sophisticated Soul

You are a Sophisticated Soul

You are a multi-faceted god or goddess that values the art of tradition, but equally understands the importance of not always coloring inside the lines. You have an eye for traditional charm, but can see the holistic vision through integrating modern elements. You are a true artist, a visionary and you do so with a sense of elegance and thoughtfulness. You're attracted to all things pretty, but in a muted and minimalist sort of way. You might find yourself at art galleries, museums or places that highlight the richness of our past. You are a bit structured and put together, but there are times you go out of your comfort zone and try something new. You my love, are what we look up to for grace and beauty. The flower crown that would be best for you is one that is made in a traditional full halo, most likely worn at a special event like a wedding or baby/bridal shower.

Your mantra is: "May we find freedom within the form".

Your flowers for your crown are : White Roses, Ranunculus, and Dahlias

Stick to whites, rosé or muted colors, like sage green, in your crown.

You are a Girl's Best Friend

You are a Girl's Best Friend

You are sweet, caring and kind with an appreciation for all things feminine. You shine your light through being someone who is always there for anyone in need and sharing your happiness in all that you do! Not only are you fun and playful, you also just have so much love to give. You are a divine source of feminine energy and abundance of unconditional love: self-love, platonic, family, friends and animals. The flower crown best suited for you would be dainty baby's breath crown decorated on the side with eucalyptus mixed in with peach and pink florals.

Your mantra is: "May all things feel seen and loved"

Your flowers for your crown are: Garden Roses, Hydrangeas and Peonies (all pink of course!)

Stick to whites and pinks (light, bright and everything in between) in your crown!

You are One-of-a-Kind

You are One-of-a-Kind

There's something special about you. You have layers to you that are creative, beautiful and kind, but only those you trust will see these qualities. You are comfortable doing your own thing, whether that it with people or by yourself...as long as you're doing you, all is good. Your personality and charm sets you apart and your uniqueness in walking your own path inspires others. You my love, are a gift to this world. There's not many like you out there, but we see you and appreciate your humble markings on this world. The flower crown that is best for you is one that had non-traditional elements to it, like crystals, feathers or even some spanish moss. You would rock a side crown like no other because you know that you don't need to follower traditions to make you feel good.

Your mantra "May we all be connected"

Your flowers for your crown: Thomas Edison Dahlias, Scabiosa, and Calla Lilies

Stick to soulful colors, such as burgundy with pops of color, such as a burnt orange. Purples are also a great color for you.

You a Wanderlust Wonder

You a Wanderlust Wonder

You are a seeker of what life is all about and you do so through your travels near and abroad! You love life and life loves you. Your wanderlust personality drives you to learn more about yourself, as well as, other people and the lifestyles they live! Creative, curious and spontaneity describes you pretty well in all that you do and how you live your life. It wouldn't surprise your friends and family if you booked a one-way ticket to your destination of choice. You my dear, are a ray of sunshine that lights up a room and you aren't shy of being seen or felt. You can rock a flower crown no matter what it looks like, because honey...you are the flower crown!

A flower crown best suited for your personality would be one made from local flowers on your travels. You can rock any size and any style because you are just open to being part of the experience, with no expectation of it needing to be a certain way.

Your mantra: "May we embrace love and light in all that we meet"

Your flowers for your crown: Lavender, Sunflowers, and Jasmine

Stick to yellows, oranges, whites and a mix of light and dark greenery for your crown!