Only 4% Of Americans Can Pass A High School Biology Test. Can You?

Are you part of the top 4%?

The outermost part of a cell is called a _____.

What is the anatomical name for the commonly termed ‘windpipe’?

Oxygen in our blood is transported by _____.

What is the function of the iris?

What is the male sex hormone called?

How many chromosomes does an individual human have?

What is another name for your voice box?

What is the fibrous protein that is found in hair and nails?

The DNA molecule that looks like a spiral staircase is called:

What is the name of the biggest part of the human brain?



Way to go! Only 4% of Americans can pass this high school biology test and you aced it. The science of life and its intricacies seem to fascinate you. Your knowledge of biology gives you an excellent foundation when discussing anything from headaches to genetics. Well done!



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