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Lost is one of the best television shows of all time and that's why you it should be in your list of what you have already watched or you should watch soon.

It's about a group of people lost on a mysterious island after a plain crash, but they are not only lost physically on an unknown place, they were all already lost in their lives.

It's a sci-fi and drama show at the same time, full of mystery and burning questions, but most of all it's a show about people. The real protagonists of Lost are its characters and you can't help it but falling in love with every and each one of them.

Elizabeth Mitchell plays the fertility doctor Juliet Burke, brought on the island to save pregnant women who can't survive there for unknown reasons.
Ben, the leader of the Others (people who already live on the island) is obsessed with her and doesn't want to let her go home.
As soon as she meets the new group, she joins it in order to find a way to be reunited with her sister in Florida.

Juliet is one of the most ambiguous characters ever created and for a long time you will keep wondering if she is good or bad, but you will all end up loving her for life.
Her story is one of the most heartbreaking of tv history as much as Elizabeth's compelling and impeccable performance.
If you're looking for a strong, messy, compassionate, ass-kicking woman, Juliet Burke is your answer.
Once Upon A Time
It's a fantasy show where fairy tales characters end up in a prison world because of the Evil Queen's curse.

Mitchell plays Ingrid, the Snow Queen in the Frozen arc of season 4.
When she was young, she killed someone by accident and was trapped in a urn by people who were afraid of her powers and didn't understand her.
From that prison there was no way for her to learn the society's rules, morals and consequences of her actions, but being self-aware the whole time in that urn has leaded her to her madness.
As a young girl she was deeply empathic, already in pain for what she did that she felt completely alone and betrayed by her own family.
When she gets out of that urn, she only has one idea of what kind of love she's been looking for and can't see anything else.
She's certainly a villain, but with reasons and as for many other villains there's always a chance to be redeemed.

This is one of the best performance you cannot miss, a very touching story and a intriguing character. Even if you are not familiar with the show, you should check out the first ten episodes of the fourth season to see what an incredible character Elizabeth Mitchell created.
V is a re-imagining of the 1980's miniseries about the world’s first encounter with an alien race. The 2009's version has different characters but same concept.

Simultaneously appearing over the major city of the world, the Visitors (or Vs) promote a message of peace. They offer to share advanced technology, but they're actually hiding a more malevolent agenda.
Their appearance and their promises mislead most of the people who are fascinated and start to praise them, giving them their devotion.
It's up to FBI Counter Terrorist Agent Erica Evans (Elizabeth Mitchell) and a group of few people to find out what's really behind their arrival and try to fight back.
The nature of her work for the Government is in conflict with what she's been doing with the resistance against a sure threat for the entire world, but that's not the only difficult position she finds herself in.
Erica is also a single mom who is loosing touch with a rebel teenager, attracted to the Vs.

The show deals with conspiracy's theories, religion and politics, but the most intriguing characteristic is that both protagonist and antagonist are female and they are strong women who are fighting for their race.

Unfortunately V only last two seasons (22 episodes) but it's for sure a must see if you are a sci-fi fan, you admire Elizabeth Mitchell's work and the incredible strength she always puts into her characters.
Crossing Lines
Crossing Lines is a global action/crime series that taps into the charter of the International Criminal Court (ICC), a special crime unit functioning as a European-based FBI, to investigate serialized cross-border crimes in Europe and to hunt down and bring global criminals to justice.

After the first two seasons, the show renewed itself with new characters and a new executive producer, which also created a new tone and appears like a brand new show. Among the new cast additions there's Elizabeth Mitchell who plays Carine Strand.

She is an American investigator, who worked twice as hard as her male counterparts in the Chicago PD. Her success drew the attention of the ICC so she got offered a prestigious job investigating war crimes. She made a name and a home for herself in Europe and when season 3 starts she gets the leadership role of the newly reconstituted Cross Border Unit.
Carine is a warm and a very strong woman with a open personality. She was touched by crime when she was a teenager but instead of being devastated and let the rage to take control of her life, she became more compassionate and emphatic which have helped her to do her job with humanity and professionalism.

A procedural show is unusual for Mitchell, but she was able to portray the character with a combination of strength and softness that makes Carine Strand very appealing and engaging.
Revolution is a post-apocalyptic show which explores a catastrophic world without power.
All the electronic devices are disabled permanently due to an unknown event that affects the entire planet. Life as we all know ceased to exist: no technology, no communication, no way to save lives.
People are struggling to survive and find their missing loved ones.

The focus of the show is on the Matheson family. Elizabeth Mitchell plays the scientist Rachel Matheson who is the key to find out what happened to our Earth and possibly the only chance to fix things.

This is one of the most controversial character she has ever played. Rachel is dealing with choices she made in the past and keeps making ones that people of her life, as the audience, don't understand. Some can consider them as mistakes, others as the only choices she has.

In the pilot we only see her in brief flashbacks of the day of the blackout and we know she died, but after the second episode different truths are revealed.

The show only last 2 season (42 episode) but if you like sci-fi shows with ordinary people in extraordinary situations, you might want to try it. Don't expect to see much of Elizabeth Mitchell in the first 9 episodes though.

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