Weird Food of the World

How familiar are you with the world's weirdest food?

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On Nov 22, 2014
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In which country is guinea pig (or cuy) considered a hearty meal, rather than a cute pet?

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Casu Marzu - cheese that's literally crawling with maggots - comes from which Mediterranean island?

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Balut - a partially-developed duck embryo that's boiled alive and eaten out of the shell - is enjoyed where?

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The Japanese delicacy Fugu - deadly if prepared wrong - is made from which fish?

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Which country is particularly fond of fermented shark, known as hakarl?

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Flipper pie (made from the flippers of young harp seals) is traditionally eaten where?

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Which fruit is banned in many public places in south-east Asia due to its pungent aroma?

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Smalahove - made by boiling a sheep's head for three hours - is popular where?

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Edible bird's nests are highly prized in China. How much do they typically sell for?

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Panchagavya, made by blending cow dung, urine, and milk, is thought to have medicinal benefits by some people in which country?

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