What Chinese people call British landmarks

In China it is popular to give names to favourite celebrities, places and foods that give a literal description of what Chinese people think about these things.

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On Mar 29, 2017
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What do the Chinese call 'huge stone clusters'?

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Da Ben Zhong is the Chinese name given to this famous thing, but which one?

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Who is Curly Fu?

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The name 'gentlemen with long hair' is referring to which famous act?

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A white, gold and splendid palace is what landmark?

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Who is Han Dou 憨豆, which translates into 'Funny beans'?

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The Chinese fondly call this landmark 'the pickled little cucumber'

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'Sword Bridge' is the name given to this famous town

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Wang Er De is which famous writer?

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Zha Yu Shu Tiao is which very British dish?

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